Geometry Dash v2.2.13 Free Download For Andriod (2024)

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Are you aware of the term Geometry Dash APK? On the other hand, are you interested in playing the Geometry Dash game with your friends? If yes, then you have reached the right place because this article is totally about a new game called Geometry Dash. The game is quite easy to play; at the beginning of each level, the player’s chosen job will be to move forward to the right. However, obstacles always impede the player’s path, and the only way to get around them is to jump. The player’s operation presents a significant task, and because of the constraints, the player will never know how the front of the terrain will look.

App NameGeometry Dash
PublisherRobTop Games
InternetNot Required
Updated on16 Fab 2024
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The platform game Geometry Dash APK is difficult and addicting, and it can be played on mobile plans. The game includes single levels with various degrees of difficulty and their own copies. Users may unlock additional constructions by downloading the Geometry Dash Everything Unlocked APK, which is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. The APK version is a favorite option among gamers because it gives users contact to all the best features without charging for them. You would love the music-filled version of G Dash.

What is Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK is an exciting plate former game type that gives the user and chance to test their knowledge and develop their mind. It is a very well-known game and it has millions of players all over the world.
In the game, you must continuously race and jump over problems to advance. There are obstacles both up and down, so you, as a player, must use carefulness. A character in this game tries to avoid being hit by any of these obstacles while running through each level. Upon completing a level, the character receives a substantial sum of money as an incentive. This prize money can be consumed to unlock new staff and buy new things for the game. If you are unable to wait any longer and need these items as soon as possible, then download the Geometry Dash MOD APK, which has been improved so that all the things are already unlocked and there is an infinite source of money.

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Many Levels

You can play this game’s many different levels to pass the time during boring moments. Because you have to cope with fresh problems each time you play, each level in this game is unique, which contributes to its addictiveness. Wonderful soundtracks add to the enjoyment of this game for the players

Several obstacles

If you consider yourself a fast player, you will need to finish many of the tests in the Geometry Dash APK game because sometimes they are very interesting and look unsolvable. There are no limitations to these challenges, so you can use your full potential and play for as long as you desire.

No Ads

Ads are not shown in the Geometry Dash MOD APK, which can improve gaming and minimize interruptions. After finishing a level or while playing the game, players may see advertisements.


There is a wide variety of characters in this game that you can utilize. However, to access them, you must succeed in tasks and complete levels. Moreover, it provides options for game customization that lets you change the game’s appearance by adding new colors and images. To grow your collection and win over your loved ones, make sure you unlock every item in this game.

Unrestricted access to money

As the normal version of the game offers money, and you must earn more by beating the game’s levels. But in the modified version, you get immeasurable money free and do not need to complete any stages or challenges to gain it. You may simply acquire and initial everything in the game with this cash.

Daily Rewards

By positively completing daily tasks, users of the Geometry Dash can receive daily rewards. Orbs, diamonds, and other in-game currencies, which can be paid to open new content and customization options, are some samples of these prizes. Daily challenges can also present unique gameplay opportunities and problems that keep the game exciting. Use these guidelines to play Geometry Sprint like a pro.

Audio track

A unique electric and techno soundtrack for the game is available. Every level has a special track that fits the beat of the game. The game’s immersive experience and overall aesthetic are greatly enhanced by the soundtrack.

Practice Mode

If you run into any difficulties while playing this game, do not worry—it features a Practice mode for players. To develop his or her abilities and become an improved gamer, everyone can easily play at the practice level. Therefore, everybody can appreciate this beneficial feature. To become an invincible player, play this game and unlock all milestones.

Practice Mode

Salient Gaming Features of Geometry Dash

Multiple language support

Its wide language support, which lets users choose from a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Thai, Slovak, Ukrainian, Armenian, and more, is one of its most notable features. By removing the language barrier, this function improves the game experience for consumers.

Free Download

Do you want to download any game from the Play Store that you can download without any charges? In addition, you will be very happy to hear that this game is Geometry Dah APk, which gives you lots of unlimited features and provides you with enjoyment without any restrictions.

Weekly challenges

Every week, the game presents various challenges to help players differentiate themselves from one another. Your standing on the leaderboard will increase if you win the weekly challenges.

Customizable color icons

One of Geometry Dash’s most famous features is customization. It offers players a great deal of customization choices for the look of their characters. By gaining access to different colors and icons, players can customize the moving block that serves as their playing token. This feature improves the gaming experience by allowing users to customize their gameplay. The game also has a level editor feature that lets users create and share their own original levels.

Weekly challenges

To solve new levels and challenges in the Geometry Dash APK game, you must play through some of the locked levels one at a time, which takes time. As a result, the game’s mod APK version delivers users with a completely unlocked game that contains all of the levels.

Leader Board

In Geometry Dash, players may contest with one another for top ranks and high scores while enjoying a tough and charming gameplay experience.For their scores to show up on the leaderboards, players need to finish the level with the greatest possible score. This suggests that in addition to finishing the level, players also need to gather all their money and get the best rating they can. Because the leaderboards are updated frequently, players are continuously encouraged to raise their scores and move up the ranks.

No lag

Lag and other performance problems can also arise by downloading the original version of the game. However, the geometry dash APK does not buffer either, so you will have to wait for a reliable connection. A useful tip for downloading is to make sure your gadget has enough RAM and processing capability. This will ensure that there is no lag and the game runs smoothly.

What are the modes in Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash has a variety of game modes, including practice, easy, regular, hard, and harder. All of these game modes are future for players of all skill levels and according to various classes, so they may all play without feeling frustrated. Forms, commonly referred to as game modes, are unique transformations that provide different ways of directing levels. They come in a variety of shapes, including the swipe, ball, wave, android, cube, and rocket

Additional Features

Geometry Dash APK also includes the following amazing Features.

  • An action platformer with rhythm!
  • Several levels and a distinctive soundtrack!
  • With the layer editor, you can make and distribute your layers.
  • Obtain additional colors and symbols to personalize your character!
  • Reverse gravity, fly rockets, and more!
  • Utilize practice mode to hone your abilities!
  • Many successes and awards!
  • Put yourself through the nearly impossible!


You can use a touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, or supervisor to play Geometry Dash. To complete a level, the player must control the movement of their icon by demanding or landing. The level starts over if the player hits with an obstruction like a spike, wall, or sawblade. Moreover, there is a “practice mode” where players can set checkpoints to observe or practice a level without collecting coins or making progress in normal mode. The in-game music’s tempo and rhythm are crucial elements of the experience, normally in connection to one another.

The player’s icon during gameplay shoulders one of seven different game modes, each of which displays varying behavior depending on the encounter. Portals that enable the player to switch between seven different game modes, invert gravity, alter the size of their icon, reverse the direction of their travel, alter their speed, or teleport further confuse player movement. Pads and orbs can also be utilized to adjust gravity or move the player in different directions.

News Update 2.2.13 is here”

  • The newly added Swipe game mode
  • Four fresh stages on the platform
  • A brand-new collectible known as “Moons.”
  • 100 new successes and almost 700 new images.
  • A fresh sound collection and SFX
  • Influences of covering
  • Particle editor controls
  • Self-Build Bases and Systems
  • More than eighty more activations and editing improvements
  • Many new mechanisms add up to more than 1500 pixel blocks.
  • Many fresh cartoons
  • Create lists of levels.

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How to Play Geometry Dash

Learn how to jump, fly, and flip so that you may move through various difficulties with comfort. To get exact signals, practice just timing your jumps. To get careful waves, practice precisely timing your jumps. In Geometry Dash, patience is the key. It is common to experience frequent failures before finishing a level. Continue trying, and do not give up. To get through the interesting parts, use a variety of strategies and learn from your mistakes. Recall that practice makes perfect.

Tricks and tips to master Geometry Dash

To main the challenging Geometry Dash game, you will need to have tolerance, timing, and effort. You can improve your abilities and win the game by using the following pointers and advice:

Focus and care

Geometry Dash calls for a great deal of focus and attention. Avoid multitasking, play in a peaceful place, and minimize interruptions if you want to improve your response time and truth.

Modify controls

Research different settings to find the most comfortable for you. Regulate the sensitivity of your controls or experiment with different control methods, including playing on a bigger screen or using a controller, to increase accuracy.

Utilize the checkpoints

Make use of the checkpoints positioned at various stages of the process. The checkpoint you reach will be your new starting point if you fail. By doing this, you will be able to focus and stop having to restart the level from the start.

Look for plans

The plan for many of the difficulties in Geometry Dash is known. Take some time to learn and force these patterns into memory so you can know when problems are coming and respond accordingly. You will be able to get through the phases faster if you do. You can enhance your gaming abilities and raise your chances of winning at Geometry Dash by realizing these plans and references.

Look for patterns

The preparation of many of the obstacles in Geometry Dash is known. Take some time to learn and commit these patterns to memory so you can know when obstacles are coming and react accordingly. You will be able to get through the phases faster if you do. You can master challenging sections without the terror of falling behind by using the practice mode. Utilize this mode to perfect your rhythm, grip inspiring sections, and try out different methods.

Take small breaks

If you notice that you are growing tired or agitated, take a break. Taking a brief vacation from gaming might help you relax, refocus, and get fresh insight.

Maintain the rhythm

To play Geometry Dash, you must find a rhythm as you progress. Focus on the beat of the song and bring your motions into line with it. You will be able to better organize your movements and jumps with this method.

Investigate creating custom levels

Instead of sticking to the pre-made ones Investigate creating custom levels. Explore the vast array of user-created custom levels. These levels’ unique challenges and creative designs might improve your play experience.

Remain composed and patient

Geometry Dash can be challenging, and failures are common. Remain cool, and patient, and control your temper. Remember that every setback presents a chance for improvement.

Observe the level design

If you are familiar with the level design of Geometry Dash APK, completing the stages will be simpler. Keep a careful eye out for the locations of shifting platforms, points, and other dangers. Look for trends and schedule the amount of time and speed vital to break through them.

Tailor controls Test

Tailor controls Test with different settings to find what is most comfortable for you. Adjust the sensitivity of your controls or test with different control methods, including playing on a bigger screen or utilizing a controller, to increase accuracy.

Join the group

Take part in the forum for Geometry Dash. Engage in forum discussions, watch live streams, and communicate with other gamers. You will be able to acquire profound insights, hear criticism on how you performed, and pick up new tricks and strategies.

Geometry Dash vs. Geometry Dash MOD

Geometry DashGeometry Dash Mod
Geometry Dash is the name of the game’s official app store version.A modified version of the game created by outside developers is called Geometry Dash Mod.
With all of the scenarios, challenges, and features that the designers have designed, it provides an authentic game experience.This edition offers more features and advantages over the previous version.
Gaining success requires skill and perseverance and provides a fair and difficult game progression.These improvements include things like boundless resources, unlocked levels, and other enhancements that make your gaming better and provide you advantages.

It is important to keep in mind that, even if the mod might include new features, the gameplay might not quite go as planned. Some players enjoy the challenge and fulfillment of making the game advance organically, while others value the benefits and flexibility that the mod offers. Ultimately, the choice is based on your personal preferences and game habits.

Levels in Geometry Dash

With a variety of challenges, Geometry Dash can accommodate players with varying abilities. Everyone can find a suitable difficulty level, ranging from easy levels for beginners to extremely challenging ones that challenge even the most skilled players. Every level features a unique set of challenges and barriers that will keep you engaged and push your boundaries.

Easy levels

For new players or those seeking a more relaxed gaming experience, these levels offer a gentle introduction to the game’s principles. 

Easy levels  in Geometry dash

Normal levels

The Geometry Dash normal mode consists of a series of gradually challenging levels. As you advance, the level of difficulty rises, putting greater stress on your timing, reflexes, and skill in navigating difficult obstacles. 

Normal levels

Difficult Levels

If you are seeking a more demanding experience, the levels of difficulty will put your skills to the test with intricate level designs and tough obstacles.

difficult level in geometry dash

Demon levels

The hardest levels in Geometry Dash are the demon ones. Only the most skilled and dedicated players may access these levels, which are the ultimate test of skill and provide an honest sense of achievement when finished. If you want to take on the most difficult task possible, the Demon levels are for you. These very difficult levels take a high level of skill and accuracy to finish. These incredibly challenging stages are only surmountable by the most skilled gamers.

Level NameLevel creatorDifficulty levelStars
Stereo madnessForeverBoundEasy1
Back on TrackDJVINormal2
PoltergeistStep Easy3
Dry OutDJVINormal4
Base After BaseDJVIHard5
Can’t Let GoDJVIHard6
Time MachineWaterflameHard8
Clutterfunk WaterflameInsane11
Theory of Everythingdj-NateInsane12
Electroman AdventuresWaterflameInsane10
Clubstep (10 Secret coins)WaterflameDemon14
Hexagon ForceWaterflameInsane12
Blast ProcessingWaterflameDemon17
Geometrical DominatorWaterflameTougher10

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash APK

Do not worry if the desired app is not available on the Google Play Store! It is available for download straight from our website without any modifications. Follow these detailed instructions to successfully install the full version of Geometry Dash APK on your Android smartphone in order to install the app:

Step 01: Click on the link provided above to start downloading the Geometry Dash file. The downloading process will begin shortly. After the download is complete, open the obtained APK file.

download geometry dash apk

Step 02: Tap on the downloaded file to begin the installation process After that click on the setting and Enable the option “Unknown Sources” in your device settings.
Go back and click on “Install” to start the installation process.

Step 03: Wait for the installation to complete. After installation, open the game and start playing immediately.

Pros and Cons


  • Get a free download of it.
  • Started every best feature
  • Third-party advertisements are also postponed in this version.
  • Level editor and challenges.
  • Interface that is suitable for mobile.
  • There are no game pauses.
  • Simple controls 
  • That allows for customization;
  • 25 achievements and very addicting gameplay.
  • Uplifting music scores
  • No negative review


  • The game will not automatically update.
  • Not suitable for children under eight.
  • The only features that are unlocked are the basic ones.
  • The standard version costs money.

 Frequently Asked Question

Rob Top Games, a Swedish game development business, developed the Geometry Dash game while a third-party developer provided the APK file.

It took him about four months to create the game and take it to the App Store and Google Play Store. In the beta version, the game was called Geometry Jump but was later changed to Geometry Dash. The game is developed on the Cocos2D game engine.

The game has 21 main levels and over 80 million community contributions. While the main levels are perfectly family-friendly, a small number of player-made levels can have disturbing parts.

The content rating of the Geometry Dash APK is suitable for all age groups. It is appropriate for gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

No, the Geometry Dash APK does not have in-app purchases. But after downloading and installing the APK file from our site, you can access Geometry Dash with all its features, levels, and customization choices without having to pay anything extra.

You may play Geometry Dash offline without an internet connection after downloading and installing the APK. Because of this, you may easily play the game anytime you want, from anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

Yes, Geometry Dash Lite is completely free. In fact, this version of the game does not even have IAPs. That said, it does have a link to buy the full version of the game from its official website.

There is an ad-supported free version of Geometry Dash available. You can download the updated version of Geometry Dash for an ad-free experience or buy an in-app option to block these ads.

No, our app’s APK file is totally secure, guaranteeing that it will not harm your device with malware and viruses.

Geometry Dash is an exciting game that offers a concentrated experience, despite its difficulty level. My learning and memory skills have improved thanks to this game, which has had a positive impact on my academic achievement.

You can transfer your progress from the official platform of Geometry Dash to the APK version if you have already played and made progress in that version. You must locate the game save data files on your device and copy them to the relevant location within the APK version to accomplish this.

Despite our best efforts to provide trustworthy and safe APK downloads, our website is usually advised to use caution when downloading from unapproved sources. Check all files for malware and viruses to guarantee a safe download, but make sure your device has dependable antivirus software and only downloads from reputable websites.

Android app permissions are necessary for the game to run properly and access necessary resources on your smartphone. These privileges include, for example, access to storage, network connections, and device settings.

Get Geometry Dash for Android for free from this website or the dependable Google Play Store. Both sources are entirely safe and ensure a true gaming experience.

Final Verdicts

You are now fully informed about the Geometry Dash APK for Android and Windows. Set it up. Try playing the game with a straightforward connection to see why it is so well-liked. Soon, you will be able to play this game on both computers and Android devices. The challenges in this multi-level game are plentiful. To install this software, your Android device must be at least version 4.0. Briefly, this combines a stunning user interface with the best gameplay and soundtrack. Therefore, download it right away and start making your own challenges and maps to play the game.

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