Geometry Dash Lite v2.2.13 APK (MOD, Unlocked) free on Android 2024

Geometry dash lite APk

Geometry Dash Lite is one of the best games since it is updated regularly with new levels. This promises that you will not get tired of playing. Geometry Dash Lite APK is a popular game that has been around for a while. It is a simple but addictive game where you need to direct your way through a series of problems. In an unusually short period since its release, Geometry Dash Lite Mod has totaled an amazing amount of downloads—more than 100 million hits to date—far superior to those of other obstacle games.

App NameGeometry Dash Lite
PublisherRobTop Games
Mod infounlimited money

Regarding that, you may have noticed how hot this game is on the Vietnamese game market. In the game Geometry Dash Lite MOD, you may enjoy the newest features, along with eye-catching construction materials and captivating levels. You can notice that it gets harder the farther you go, especially with each step. The fact that winning makes each player feel like they have conquered something extremely intensely is another major draw of the game.

What is Geometry Dash Lite?

Rob Top Games is the designer and publisher of the well-liked rhythm-based platformer game Geometry Dash Lite. The game’s gameplay is addictive and has easy one-touch controls.
The goal of the game is to lead the avatar of the player through an arrangement of stages, evasion traps, and challengers. The goal of each level is to have the player finish the song to advance. There are several different kinds of levels in Geometry Dash Lite, such as boss, parkour, and prison levels. Players can make and share their levels using Geometry Dash Lite’s user-created level editor in addition to the game’s main movement mode. There is an online leaderboard in the game where users can compete for the highest scores.

Geometry dash

Features of Geometry Dash Lite

Icon Kit

One part of the Geometry Dash Lite Mod APK that allows you to customize the icon used during gameplay is the Icon Kit. To initial and customize their character, users can unlock different icons and colors.

Practice mode 

Practice mode can be opened from the pause menu by clicking the green gem button. Checkpoints are sometimes generated automatically by default, even though you can disable them from the pause menu.


One of Geometry Dash’s most famous features is customization. It offers players a great deal of customization options for the look of their characters. There is a large selection of colors, patterns, and textures available for selection in the game’s skin customization choices.

Mod Menu

The Geometry Dash Lite Mod presents a mod menu that offers gamers more features and possibilities. Personalization and control over different areas of the game, including solving all characters, levels, and personalization options, are possible through the mod menu. By allowing gamers the right to explore and fully enjoy the game, it improves the overall gaming experience.

Unlimited Everything

Players can experience an endless amount of fun with the Geometry Dash lite. This translates to limitless capital, making it possible to unlock every level, character, and customization option without any limitations. Possessing countless resources gives players more freedom and enables them to thoroughly explore and take advantage of everything the game has to offer.

Interesting Levels

The wealth of difficult levels in Geometry Dash Lite is one of its best qualities. Your timing and reflexes will be put to the test as soon as you begin playing because there are many spikes, moving platforms, and obstacles to avoid. Every level has been painstakingly crafted to offer a distinct and frightening experience that will keep you interested and on the tip of your seat.

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Difference between Geometry Dash and Lite Version

Many differences and games with similar designs exist for Geometry Dash. Among these is Geometry Lite, which is thought to be the most like the original game. What differentiates these two game versions from one another, then?

Players will meet 21 levels in Geometry Dash, compared to just 10 in Geometry Lite. Depending on the number of stars in each level’s upper right corner, players can keep track of the level of difficulty. The main difference between these two game versions.

Players in this series can go from level one to level 10 in both editions. You must buy the main Geometry Dash version if you wish to test your skills on all 21 levels.

open daily chest in geometry dash lite

How to download and install GD Lite

  • Click on the link provided above to start the download.
  • Make sure to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your device settings.
  • Save the downloaded file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the downloaded file to initiate the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once installed, open the game and start playing right away.


Yes, you can somewhat customize your character in Geometry Dash Lite APK by selecting different icons and colors to represent yourself in the game.

In the rhythm-based platformer Geometry Dash Lite APK, players control a character as background music plays as they navigate a variety of challenging levels.

The color tones of the game’s picture are neither too bright nor too dull, making it easy to view the obstacles.

Geometry Dash Lite has 16 different game levels that will take hours and hours to complete and master. With each new update, the game also introduces new levels to the collection.

Final Verdicts

This concludes our discussion on the Geometry Dash Lite Mod APK. We sincerely hope you have found it useful and that the mod will allow you to take advantage of gaming opportunities. Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments below. Enjoy your gaming!
Millions of gamers across the globe have become engrossed in Geometry Dash thanks to its aching soundtrack and addicting gameplay. Playing the mod version or the original APK will certainly provide you with excitement and challenge. Players may experience gaming at a completely new level thanks to the mod APK’s extra features and customization possibilities. So explore Geometry Dash’s universe and let your inner rhythm loose!