Geometry Dash World APK +Mod V2.2.13 (Unlimited Money) 2024

Geometry dash world mod apk

Are you prepared to explore an exciting world filled with slides, flips, and jumps? Greetings from the wonderful world of Geometry Dash World! However, wait—thanks to something called “Geometry Dash World Mod APK,” it gets even better. For those who enjoy rhythm-based games and tests, Geometry Dash World is a fantastic choice. Participate and take in the tune of this game. Rob Top Games is the originator of the game. The respected video game Super Mario served as the inspiration for the game Geometry Dash World.

Additional Information

App NameGeometry Dash World
PublisherRobTop Games
Mod Featuresunlimited money/unlock Everything
Updated on1 Min Ago

The game boasts an amazing cartoon design style and a crisp graphics platform. The game’s excellent soundtrack and visual effects work in perfect agreement. There are many game modes included in the game for you to select from. Players will not become bored because they are having fun. It will categorically please all gamers, even the precise ones, with its easy and appealing gameplay.

What is the geometry dash world?

Geometry Dash World Mod APK is an enjoyable game that puts your reactions and timing to the test. The only goal your small, square hero has is to cross the story’s boundaries without collapsing. Three years after the release of the highly regarded Geometry Dash rhythm game, Geometry Dash World is in development. Unlike the earlier game, this one features two worlds and just ten stages. Geometry Dash World has secret levels, daily challenges, and high-class rewards in addition to the standard levels.

Geometry dash world

Geometry Dash World mod APK Features

Icon Kit

One part of the Geometry Dash World Mod APK that allows you to customize the icon used during gameplay is the Icon Kit. To initial and customize their character, users can unlock different icons and colors.

Practice mode 

Practice mode can be opened from the pause menu by clicking the green gem button. Checkpoints are sometimes generated automatically by default, even though you can disable them from the pause menu.


One of Geometry Dash’s most famous features is customization. It offers players a great deal of customization options for the look of their characters. There is a large selection of colors, patterns, and textures available for selection in the game’s skin customization choices.

Mod Menu

The Geometry Dash world Mod presents a mod menu that offers gamers more features and possibilities. Personalization and control over different areas of the game, including solving all characters, levels, and personalization options, are possible through the mod menu. By allowing gamers the right to explore and fully enjoy the game, it improves the overall gaming experience.

Unlimited Everything

Players can experience an endless amount of fun with the Geometry Dash world This translates to limitless capital, making it possible to unlock every level, character, and customization option without any limitations. Possessing countless resources gives players more freedom and enables them to thoroughly explore and take advantage of everything the game has to offer.

Interesting Levels

The wealth of difficult levels in the Geometry Dash world is one of its best qualities. Your timing and reflexes will be put to the test as soon as you begin playing because there are many spikes, moving platforms, and obstacles to avoid. Every level has been painstakingly crafted to offer a distinct and frightening experience that will keep you interested and on the tip of your seat.

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Additional features

  • There are different levels and soundtracks to choose from!
  • Utilizing the level editor, make your levels and then distribute them!
  • Gain access to more colors and icons to expand your persona!
  • Additionally, you can launch rockets and change gravity.
  • Use practice mode to enhance your skills!
  • There are nearly every accomplishment and benefits!
  • Along with Geometry Dash World, you may also play the equally enjoyable Geometry Dash.


With the level editor in “Geometry Dash,” any player can make his or her own unique levels. These levels can be very tough or extremely creative and imaginative. What has kept the game fascinating and new over the years is the level editor.

Yes, You can download Geometry Dash World free from our site and Play it now for free!

This Mod APK doesn’t work on a computer to play Geometry Dash World on the computer

  • Fist. you need to download and install Blue Stacks.
  • Use the search box located in the upper-right corner to look for Geometry Dash World.
  • From the search results, select Geometry Dash World to install by clicking.
  • Finish the Google sign-in process to install Geometry Dash World.

Final Verdicts

Finally, I hope you understand the multiple soundtracks for the game, each with a different beat and style. To release your fast-paced side, you can also play a similar game, Geometry Dash Tartarus.
The world loves heroes, and who knows? Maybe you will be the hero of today, overcoming strange obstacles to enter charmed worlds created by nobody other than yourself. Please start the drum roll. APK for Geometry Dash World Mod APK. So get ready, gamers! Download the most recent modified APK and set out on a lifetime of adventure where the only limit is how far your mind may stretch!

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