how to unlock all icons in Geometry dash

Are you playing the geometry dash game and want to unlock all the icons? Alternatively, if you do not know how to unlock them, do not worry because you will be told how to unlock all icons in the geometry dash through this article. In Geometry Dash, users can customize their arrival by using the icon kit. This article improves the overall gameplay experience by allowing users to express their inspiration and giving the game a characteristic feel. We will guide you through each step required to unlock each of the blog post’s icons. In order to simplify your right to these symbols, we will provide helpful tips on how to make sub-levels and characteristics work in your kindness. Thanks to a useful guide that details the delights that await players upon reaching exact icons in Geometry Dash, players can feel secure about their progress. 

How to unlock all icons in the geometry dash

There are several ways to unlock icons in Geometry Dash. These consist of purchase choices, chests, and achievements. Achievements and chest icons can only be acquired through hard work and good fortune.

Purchase Icons from GD Shops

Before you can start shopping for icons, you need to earn mana orbs first. These orbs can be acquired by completing daily missions, weekly demon challenges, and by simply playing and completing levels in the game. The amount of mana orbs earned will depend on the difficulty of the level or challenge completed. Once you have enough mana orbs, open Geometry Dash 2.2 and navigate to the “shop” tab on the main menu. From there, click on the “icons” tab to access the icon shop. There are many shops in Geometry Dash like Shopkeeper, Potbor, Scratch Mechanics, and Secret Shops. First, you need to unlock shops by using mana orbs after that you can get what you want in the shop.

Get Icons from the Chest

Chests are one of the primary sources of icons in Geometry Dash 2.2. There are several different chest types in Geometry Dash. The Lost Gauntlets and Treasure Room chests have the highest likelihood of giving out icons. The safes in the Treasure Room are in the Silver, Gold, and Large categories. The color of the chest indicates its rarity, with red being the most common and gold being the rarest. But These chests have different colors and rarities, each containing a unique set of things like diamonds, icons, and coins.

Players can obtain chests by completing levels or participating in daily challenges. Upon opening a chest, players are guaranteed to receive at least one icon from the chest’s designated rarity.

Get Icons through Achievement

.o get icons in Geometry Dash, players must complete certain achievements that are divided into four categories: stars, diamonds, secret coins, and user coins. Each category has its own set of challenges that players must overcome to earn their desired icons. For example, completing Back on Track in Normal mode will unlock Cube 6, while acquiring 1,000 user coins will unlock UFO 28.

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Tips to unlock various icons

Following are Tips to unlock Icons that I personaly use to unlock different icons in Geometry Dash.

  • By entering a set of words into the vault.
  • Go to vaults and type “Finalboss” then you get a swing icon.
  • Go to vaults and type “THECHICKENISERADY” and you can get a ship icon.
  • Go to Chamber of Time and type “D4SHG30ME7RY” to get a Nostalgia icon
  • Assembling stars.
  • Acquiring hidden currency.
  • Achieving a predetermined number of user levels or map bundles.
  • Completing a certain number of jumps or tries.
  • After Finishing the final demon levels you will get a lot of icons.
  • Unlocking hidden accomplishments.
  • Collect 100 shadow shards
  • Collect 100 Lava shards
  • You can unlock new icons by using the stars you earn by finishing stages.
  • Certain icons can be unlocked by accumulating coins. Make sure to look around carefully!

You can unlock a variety of icons by finishing these activities, giving your gaming a fun and gratifying twist.


 Go to the chamber of time and enter “hunger” in the chamber of time

Go to vaults and type “Finalboss” then you get a swing icon.

Final Verdicts

I hope you understand the method for unlocking all icons in the geometry dash. Whether your goal is to unlock every icon or just try something different, these stages should help you get there. With a little work and duplication, anyone can discover all of the attractive icons hidden throughout this exciting game. You may even come up with some unique ideas on your own to improve the experience. Do not wait any slower to do it! Unlock every icon in your favorite game immediately to maybe increase your gaming experience beyond what you had before.

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