how to unlock all vaults in geometry dash

If you are a fan of Geometry Dash, you are aware of the uncommon and rare goods that may be created in the Vault of Secrets. Firstly, this question came to your mind: What are vaults of secrets? In this article, I will explain what a vault is and how to unlock vaults of secrets in your game.
Geometry Dash vault codes can be used to get some amazing gifts that can enhance your musical gaming experience. These are all of the January 2024 codes that may be requested right now from The Vault, The Vault of Secrets, and Chamber of Time.

Geometry dash

Geometry Dash, which is sometimes named one of the most complicated musical games, may be a somewhat attractive game for players. However, crossing the Chamber of Time and the Vault of Secrets can be extremely difficult. Our advice below will assist you in overcoming every challenge the game presents. The game has mysterious vaults. Codes are only available to Geometry Dash subscribers who have paid for their purchases.

What is a vault in GD?

Introduced in Update 2.0, The Vault is a room in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. It is available through a lock in the Settings menu’s top right corner, and opening it costs 10 user coins. Update 2.1 brought the Vault of Secrets, an unseen feature, to Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. It requires 50 diamonds to unlock and may be opened through a lock in the instruction menu’s upper right corner.

The vault

In Geometry Dash, this vault is by far the coolest to open. To access The Vault, all you have to do is gather ten Silver User Coins. By playing the Geometry Dash Online Contained Levels, you may quickly gather these coins. There are three silver user coins available for each of these levels. However, if you want to get all three of the level’s coins, you have to surface the stage without disappearing.

  • To access the Settings list of options, click on the Component icon situated at the bottom of the screen after obtaining 10 Silver User Coins.
  • In the upper right corner of your screen, there will be a lock icon that looks to be unlocked at this moment.
  • By selecting the icon, you may access The Vault and exchange all of the active codes right now.
The vault

Latest Geometry Dash vault codes

Here is a comprehensive list of the currently active Geometry Dash vault codes as of January 2024. We have personally verified these codes in-game to ensure their validity.

LennyLenny Icon
SpookyShy Guy icon
SparkyA secret coin and other in-game resources
(Enter Your Username)Eye
8-16-30-32-46-84(*)Illuminati Wave

Vault of secrets

It will need 50 diamonds in total to open The Vault of Secrets, the second vault in Geometry Dash. It should not take too long to obtain 50 diamonds in Geometry Dash, given the range of ways you can obtain them. The following is a list of every place in the game where you can obtain diamonds:

  • Everyday Chests
  • Everyday Missions
  • Playing Gauntlets levels
  • Weekly Demon Chest
  • Treasure Room Chest

You should also be aware that playing on firmer difficulty settings would provide you with more diamonds than playing on easier settings.
After gaining 50 diamonds, you must select the Tool button from the Main Menu, which is situated to the right of the Play button.
When you click on the Tool button, a similar unlocked icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. This page is unlocked. You can enter The Vault of Secrets and exchange your codes by clicking on this button.

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Chamber of time

You must use a certain code to open a concealed challenge from The Vault of Secrets to access The Chamber of Time, the third vault in Geometry Dash. If you follow these points, you can easily understand

chamber of time

How to unlock vaults of secrets

Moreover, you must have 1,000 mana orbs and 700 diamonds available. You can gather mana orbs in the same manner as you would diamonds. The events listed below will enable you to access The Chamber of Time when you have collected the essential amount of properties:

  1. Direct to The Vault of Secrets and fill in the code box with “The Challenge.”
  2. By doing so, a hidden mission that leads to the Chamber of Time will be unlocked. You must now pay 200 diamonds to continue on this quest from this point on.
  3. After that, you must talk to the person within the jail by going through the entrance beneath this level.
  4. After speaking with the individual inside the lockup, click on each of the three keyholes that appear.
  5. Next, navigate to the Main Menu’s Tool button and select the door that is visible in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  6. To have a green cable appear on the first screen after going through the door, click left.
  7. When you click on the green rope, a hidden shop will appear where you can buy the Master Symbol for 1,000 Mana Orbs.
  8. Next, navigate to the Main Level Select page and select the “Coming Soon” option. Additionally, this page includes a finger oblique.
  9. To open a new window, click the blue “i” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  10. Click the ground beneath the text box while this window is visible.
  11. After that, a door will show up. Only with the Master Emblem in your possession can you unlock this door.
  12. You can redeem all of your codes by entering The Chamber of Time and opening this door.

Given all the benefits you may receive with the Geometry Dash vault codes, the long and somewhat hard process of unlocking all three vaults is well worth the effort.

OctocubeOctopus-shaped Icon
Brain PowerBrain-shaped Icon
SevenFinn Icon
thechickenisonfireSwamp Green color
The ChallengeVault Keepers level
GimmiethecolorDark Red color

Final verdicts

After reading the above information about how to unlock vaults of secrets, you easily understand and easily select the best secrets for your use. This important choice calls for careful calculation of many different aspects, a deep grip on your goals, and a clear grasp of the qualities that a dependable secret vault should provide. It is a choice that could have a big effect on the active success, safety, and regulatory obedience of your company. Selecting the best secret vault for your window is a serious responsibility. It requires careful thought, in-depth knowledge of the land of possible options, and the unique demands of your safe.

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