Geometry Dash is a popular online game where players can jump and fly through various levels, collecting diamonds along the way. You know that diamonds are the coveted currency in the game. They can be used to purchase skins and other items that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable diamonds can also be used to unlock new features, purchase virtual items, and even level up faster. But how do you collect these precious gems? Here are seven easy ways to get your hands on some Geometry Dash Diamonds!

What are the diamonds in Geometry Dash?

One of the most sought-after things in the game by players is the diamonds. These gems are scattered throughout the chaotic levels of Geometry Dash, and collecting them is an added challenge for players wishing to complete the game with a perfect score. Diamonds are also used as currency for unlocking secret levels and icons. These sparkly rewards entice players to continue playing and provide a sense of achievement when collected. Don’t let the challenging levels of Stumble Guys wear you out collect diamonds to show off your true gaming skills!

Chest Opening

The most common way of collecting diamonds in Geometry Dash is by opening the daily chest at the end of each day. The daily chest contains coins, gems, and occasionally diamonds. If you want to maximize your chances of getting diamonds from daily chests, you should focus on completing as many levels as possible. This will increase the amount of coins and gems that are available in the chest, which increases the chance of finding a diamond,

Get Icons from the Chest

To maximize your chances of collecting diamonds, I suggest opening the smaller one multiple times a day, perhaps even 3 or 4 times. This will optimize your potential for gathering valuable gems.

Daily Level

Another way to collect diamonds is through playing and completing the daily level. The daily level is a randomly selected level that changes every day. Depending on how far you progress in the daily level, you can receive coins, gems, and diamonds as rewards. If you’re able to beat the daily level, then you’ll get a large amount of coins, gems, and diamonds!


The third way to collect diamonds is through completing quests. Quests are special activities that reward you with diamonds when completed. Completing a quest can earn you a reward of up to 15 diamonds. Some of the more difficult quests require multiple steps and can take some time to complete, but all of them require you to gather a specific amount of orbs, silver user coins, or stars.


Gauntlets are a great way to get special rewards like diamonds or other items that can be used in-game. Once you unlock it, the gauntlet will appear on your map. The map will show you how many diamonds are available for collection, as well as other items on the gauntlet. Once a gauntlet is completed, its rewards are given out and the map will be refreshed.

When playing through a gauntlet, it’s important to watch out for spikes and other obstacles that can block your path or damage your character. Make sure you collect all the diamonds and items within the time limit to maximize your rewards.

Treasure Rooms

You can also find Diamonds in special Treasure Rooms. These rooms are accessible by unlocking certain doors or completing specific tasks. The rewards of a treasure room may include coins, experience points, and sometimes even diamonds. To make sure you don’t miss out on any rewards, it’s important to explore every corner of the room.

The treasure room holds two types of chests:

  • Grey Chest: This chest offers regular rewards.
  • Gold Chest: This chest holds bigger rewards.

The key distinction here is the cost of opening the chests. The grey chest requires 1 demon key, while the gold chest demands 5. But here’s the exciting part – the challenge lies in unlocking the Treasure Room itself, which is arguably the most difficult aspect of this diamond-collecting method.

Collect daily rewards

When you log into Geometry Dash every day, you’ll receive diamonds as part of your daily bonus. It’s important to remember to check in every day so you can collect your well-deserved reward. By regularly logging in, you not only get to enjoy the game, but you also get to accumulate diamonds over time, providing you with additional benefits and opportunities within the game. So don’t forget to log in daily and claim your rewards to enhance your gaming experience!

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You can get Secret Shop with 500 diamonds, introduced in Update 2.1, which is an exclusive area within Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. To access it, simply select the first hanging rope on the last screen of the Treasure Room. A total of 500 diamonds is required to gain entry.

No, Get Diamonds in Geometry dash is a difficult task because diamonds come in a wide range of shades and sizes, and each signifies a distinct level of difficulty. Certain diamonds may be found in more challenging or hidden locations, demanding expertise and precision to uncover them.

Collecting diamonds in Geometry Dash does not directly grant in-game rewards. However, it is crucial for advancing your overall development and achieving milestones. Many players find the personal challenge of accumulating diamonds intriguing and use it as a way to showcase their skill to other members of the Geometry Dash community.

Final Verdicts

Geometry Dash can be a fun and challenging game to play. Collecting diamonds in the game can sometimes be difficult, however with some hard work and dedication you can master the art of collecting diamonds like a pro. As mentioned earlier, Chest Opening, playing Daily levels, and Gauntlets are highly recommended methods for obtaining diamonds. Additionally, using private servers or cheat codes is not advised as they do not promote fair gaming and could lead to account bans or deletions. So if you want to become an expert diamond collector then remember to approach it with patience and passion, combine all of the tips you learned from this article, and start your own virtual diamond hunt today! Good luck!

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