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Are you familiar with the hardest geometry dash demon and its level? If not, then you should open the right website because this website gives you detailed information about the hardest Geometry dash demon levels. Therefore, first I will tell you what the Geometry dash is. Geometry Dash is one of the most challenging mobile platform games. Extreme demons like Slaughterhouse and Acheron are the only ones that even the best players have a chance of beating, whereas official levels like Deadlocked and Club Step are challenging.

The official list was first a discussion in the game forums, but it was eventually transferred to a separate website, where it has been updated since April 2015. Avernus is now ranked as the hardest Extreme Demon level in the geometry dash on the list.

1: Acheron

The hardest Geometry Dash level ever created is Acheron by GrenadeOfTacos and others. The level is Tartarus-inspired but far more difficult. Acheron has replaced Tartarus as the top extreme demon, which he held for a long time.

2: A slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse by End level and more is the second-hardest level in the game. This level formerly held the top one slot for about a year; however, it has now dropped following a protracted reign at the top. This severe demon is one to be dreaded, as seen by its lengthy reign as Geometry Dash’s hardest level.

3: Abyss of Darkness

The top three are now within reach! The third-most challenging level in Abyss of Darkness by Exen is the game, among others. This is a newly created, hack-verified version of an earlier level with the same name. However, it was confirmed to be true for the remake, making it the third-hardest level ever completed.

Image via geometry dash fan wiki
Image via geometry dash fan wiki

Screenshot from Neiro of Abyss of Darkness by Exen and other titles. The level has many dark hues, creating a gloomy mood that is a very nice theme for one of the top three extreme demons.

4: Quiet Club step

Silent Club step The Real Salient is the fourth most difficult level in the game. It was thought that no one could ever beat this level because it was an old, impossible level by The Real Salient. However, someone outdid it seven years later by creating geometry. Dash history while doing so Screenshot taken from Paqoe of Silent Club step by The Real Salient

quiet club step

This section, which is shown above, is by far one of the most difficult. It requires tens of thousands of tries to master the narrow ship passage. Not to mention that you hardly even notice it. In fact, a player by the name of Vision has attempted the level more than 650,000 times. All of this aside, there are still three levels that are more difficult.

5: Sakupen Circles

We have reached the top five now! Sakupen Circles, a level created by DrCuber and more, is the fifth hardest in the game. This level, which has some of the hardest wave segments ever created for Geometry Dash, primarily tests your proficiency with the wave game style.

This level adheres to the Nine Circles level system far more precisely than The Hallucination does. Screenshot from Neiro, Sakupen Circles by DrCuber, and others Even though Sakupen Circles is a Nine Circles level, it still contains some extremely nice decorations.

6: Fireworks

Firework by Vernam and More is the game’s sixth most challenging level. In contrast to Arcturus, which adheres to a distinct red motif, this level is only gray.

Firework is a difficult-to-beat, extremely long skill test. It was once the toughest level in the game, but as additional levels were defeated, it has since dropped down the ranking. Vernam’s fireworks and more, taken from Just a GD player. Having said that, do not undervalue the challenge of this level.

7: Arcturus

Arcturus by Maxfs is the game’s sixth-toughest level. Originally, this level was among the hardest in the game, but it was nerfed so that it could be authorized and included in the Demon List. Despite being nerfed, you cannot dispute the fact that it remains one of the most challenging levels ever created for Geometry Dash. Screenshot from Just a GD Player of Arcturus by Maxfs

Image via Geometry Dash Wiki

We believe that Arcturus’ ominous red color scheme perfectly captures the mood of the level. One of the hardest stages in the entire game is this one.

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8: Infinity

Oblivion by Benji 8080 is the game’s eighth-toughest level, among others. This extreme demon, which has a conventional appearance and concentrates on all game modes and skill categories, is an extreme demon.

You should not undervalue its difficulty, despite the fact that it may not look as remarkable as some of the other extreme demons on the list. Screenshot of Oblivion by Benji8080 and others taken from Dice88. This level is also the official follow-up to Cognition, another extremely challenging extreme demon that is not among the ten hardest.

9: Hard Machine

Hard Machine, created by Nikolay, Viri, and Komp, is the game’s most difficult level. It is a cool extreme demon with numerous brilliant colors and advanced patterns. This level, which is a contemporary replica of an earlier impossible level by the same name, has a rich history as well. Screenshot from Varium of Hard Machine by Nikroplays, Viri, and Komp. This level puts a fantastic new spin on the traditional extreme demon action!

10: Hallucination

The Hallucination, created by VoTcHi and SyQual, is the tenth-hardest level in the game. This extreme demon is primarily focused on the wave game style, with a few additional game modes thrown in. It is dark blue and purple. One of the best extreme demons in the game because of its extremely cool design.

Image via Geometry Dash Fan Wiki

11: The Diablo X Ice Carbon

To beat it legitimately, you will need people with good talents like Cyclic, Riot, and more advanced gamers. Yes, but I believe that Ice Carbon has also been verified by Riot, Guitar, and Souls. No, Cyclic did not hack Ice Carbon Diablo X, just to be clear.

Image via Geometry Dash Fan Wiki

Despite hacking Sonic Wave and The Hell Zone, he eventually won those two games after quitting. This has no place here. Players like Cyclic, Riot, and Road Bose verified this level.

12: The Factory of Hell

Cataclysm is easier than this level. It features sections that are pure cancer, areas that are incredibly tight, and practically everything else that is intended to ruin a player, especially sections like the Hermes part.

Image via Geometry Dash Fan Wiki

This has been around for much longer and is without a doubt harder than Bloodbath. Just redone and worked harder… Not cancer, but hell factory. Cancer is NIN CIRCLES. Any level of the nine circles is cancer. In addition, Cataclysm is not more difficult than Hell Factory. Bloodbath is the only candidate that people know of, so they simply vote for it. It is harder in hell, factories.

Final Verdicts

Regarding the above level, not much needs to be written. It is just absurdly difficult. I hope you will understand the Hardest Geometry Dash Demon levels. Only levels that have been completed by people are included in this loss. However, we have also examined the top twelve most challenging levels, one of which is longer than the universe is predicted to last. Well, this does it for this Top 12. I hope you all enjoyed reading this article.

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