Geometry Dash is a popular rhythm-based platforming game developed by Robert Topala, also known as “RobTop”. The game has gained a large following since its initial release in 2013 and has spawned numerous spin-offs and sequels. One of the unique features of Geometry Dash is the ability for players to earn Creator Points.

Creator Points are special points that can be earned by creating and sharing levels in the game. These points are a way for players to showcase their creativity and dedication to the game. In this guide, we will take a closer look at how you can earn Creator Points in Geometry Dash.

What is Creator Points?

Creator points in Geometry Dash are a special currency that is earned by players for creating custom levels in the game. These points are represented by a star icon and can be seen next to a player’s username on their profile.

Creator Points Geometry dash

Level Creation

One of the main ways to earn creator points in Geometry Dash is by creating and publishing levels. The more popular and well-designed your level is, the more creator points you will receive. Here are some tips for creating a successful level:

  • Be creative: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas for your level.
  • Keep it challenging: Players enjoy a good challenge, so make sure your level is not too easy or too difficult.
  • Test your level: Before publishing, make sure to play through and test your level multiple times to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.
  • Provide feedback: Take the time to listen to feedback from other players and use it to improve your level.

Design and Gameplay

The design and gameplay of your level are crucial in earning creator points. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Incorporate different types of obstacles, backgrounds, and music to make your level more interesting.
  • Make sure the difficulty and intensity of your level is balanced throughout.
  • Keep the design and gameplay consistent throughout your level to avoid confusing players.
gameplay and design


Decoration is another important aspect of earning creator points. Here are some tips for creating visually appealing levels:

  • Symmetrical designs can make your level look more polished and organized.
  • Small details such as decorations, textures, and effects can make a big difference in the overall look of your level.
  • Avoid cluttering your level with too many decorations, as it can make it hard for players to focus on gameplay.
Decoration in GD level creation

Attention and Titles

To earn creator points, your level needs to be played by others. Here are some ways to attract attention to your level:

  • Promote your level: Share your level code on social media, forums, and other platforms to reach a wider audience.
  • Choose an eye-catching title: A catchy and intriguing title can attract players to try out your level.
  • Play other levels: By playing and commenting on other players’ levels, you can gain attention and potentially get more plays on your own level.

The Time Strategy

The time of day that you publish your level can also play a role in earning creator points. So Publish your level during peak hours, when more players are online, can increase the chances of it getting played and gaining attention. Publishing your level at the same time as a popular or highly anticipated level may decrease its chances of being played.

Recent Tab

The recent tab on the Geometry Dash main menu displays the most recently published levels. Here’s why this is important By publishing your level during a time when there are fewer new levels, it can stay on the recent tab for longer and have a higher chance of being played. Keep an eye out: Be sure to regularly check the recent tab for new levels, as this can also help you discover and play other creators’ levels.

Recent Tab

Time Inconsistencies

In some cases, there may be inconsistencies between the time shown on the recent tab and the actual publishing time of a level. If you notice a significant time discrepancy, you can report it to the Geometry Dash team for them to investigate and fix it.

Creator Leaderboard

The creator leaderboard on the main menu displays the top creators based on their total number of creator points. Here’s why this is important:

  • The creator leaderboard can motivate creators to earn more points and improve their level designs.
  • By checking out the levels of top creators, you can get inspiration and learn new techniques for your levels.

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Earning creator points in Geometry Dash may seem challenging at first, but with dedication and creativity, it is achievable. With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to earning plenty of creator points in Geometry Dash. Keep practicing and experimenting with level creation to unlock new features and rewards within the game. Happy creating! So what are you waiting for? Start designing and playing levels now to earn those valuable creator points! Remember, the more effort and creativity you put into your levels, the more points you will earn.

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