How to get keys in geometry dash

Do you know how we can get keys in a geometry dash? Alternatively, do you know at which level we can get these keys? If not, I will tell you about it. In the game Geometry Dash, your goal is to direct a cube that may change into a variety of vehicles through a series of difficulties in order to complete many stages that vary in difficulty.
Are you interested in learning more about this fantastic game and its many in-game cheats? We encourage you to read the rest of this article, as it may be of interest to you. Geometry Dash keys, often referred to as Demon keys, are those that have the Demon difficulty emblem on them. You can receive these keys by obtaining 500 Mana Orbs, but you may also find them in chests, which are also known as Daily Rewards. In the Treasure Room, a “demon chest” can be unlocked with each key that is found.

Players in Geometry Dash have access to a variety of maps with varying degrees of difficulty. Depending on their score, they can be played with to earn mana orbs that can be used for a variety of tasks. Demon keys are different.

Levels Reward
Auto 1 starlevels reward 0 mana orbs.
Easy 2 starlevels reward 50 mana orbs.
Normal 3 starlevels reward 75 mana orbs.
Hard 4 starlevels reward 125 mana orbs.
Hard 5 starlevels reward 175 mana orbs.
Harder 6 starlevels reward 225 mana orbs.
Harder 7 starlevels reward 275 mana orbs.
Insane 8 starlevels reward 350 mana orbs.
Insane 9 starlevels reward 425 mana orbs.
Demon 10 starlevels reward 500 mana orbs.

You can obtain one by simply earning 500 Mana Orbs the Mana Orbs from chests do not count. Selecting maps with a higher difficulty level and more stars is advised if you want to swiftly gather Mana Orbs, as farming them can take some time.

Getting Keys from Game Shop

The most common method is to buy them from the shop, which can be accessed by pressing the “Shop” button on the main menu. Here players can purchase various packs of keys ranging from small to large depending on their budget and needs. Buying larger packs of keys offers a better value for money compared to buying multiple smaller packs. When purchased from the shop, keys will arrive in their inventory within a few minutes and can be used to unlock various features such as exclusive levels, new characters, and player icons.

shop in geometry dash

Find Keys in Geometry Dash basement

A locked cage, an illuminated torch on the left, and a skull and chain in the foreground are all present in the softly lit basement. First, there is a reward-containing chest in the lower right corner. Once you press the back button on your first visit, a set of glowing green eyes will appear, and a creature within (whom the Key Master refers to as the Demon Guardian elsewhere) will converse with you until a set of locks appears to the right of the cell. Choosing every lock will give directions on how to get its own key, which will open the related place.

Basement in geometry dash
  • Blue Key: After finishing the Confusion Gauntlet, which is now visible on the gauntlet menu, the blue key is awarded.
  • Green Key: The first big box in the Star Room contains the green key, which must be used to access 50 other chests. There is no other key in Geometry Dash World.
  • Orange Key: You may now find the chest in the Chamber of Time, which contains the orange key.

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The elaborate door, which leads to the star room, is the main motivator for you to gather keys. To get in, you need to gather five keys, according to the key master. However, if you manage to gather all five keys, you will be able to enter the treasure room and keep the keys.
When you first enter the treasure room, there are two tiers of different kinds of chests available to you. There are three different sorts of chests in the first level, and you can open them with one, five, or ten keys. There are three different kinds of chests in the second tier, which you can open with 25, 50, or 100 keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mana orbs are found in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, and they were first added in Update 2.1. They are utilized to make purchases from each of the shops and function as currency. You may view a player’s current total from a shop or the icon kit.

You may obtain 100 mana orbs for free in Geometry Dash World by watching an advertisement. Google estimates that unavoidable ads generate about $0.16 (£0.13); therefore, $1 (£0.82) is roughly equal to 625 mana orbs.

Final Verdicts

Finally, you know how to play this game on the different levels of the game and get keys. It turns out that computers with short keys—those with little live time—benefit from having the spacebar and up arrow. However, mice are useful for those who play computer games a lot. Since my thumb is powerful, I personally decided to go with the controller. It all depends on your needs and emotional state.

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