how to unlock all ships in geometry dash

If you’re a fan of Geometry Dash and want to unlock all the ships in the game, then you’ve come to the right place. These ships not only enhance the visual experience but also provide unique gameplay mechanics, making the game even more thrilling. Some of these ships are free to use while others can be unlocked by completing certain tasks or achieving specific milestones. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about unlocking ships in Geometry Dash and how you can get your hands on them. So, let’s get started!

What are ships in Geometry Dash?

Ships are one of the main icons in the game that players control to navigate through each level. These ships come in various shapes and designs, adding a unique touch to the gameplay. Each ship has its special ability or effect that can help players complete levels more efficiently. There are currently 63 ships available in Geometry Dash, with more being added through updates and special events.

How to Unlock all Ships in GD?

User Coins

To unlock certain ships in the game, you’ll need to collect user coins that are scattered throughout different levels. User coins can be recognized by their blue color and are often hidden in secret or elusive areas within the levels. As you gather these coins and accumulate a specific number, you’ll gradually unlock a variety of unique ships. Below is a detailed list of ships that can be unlocked using user coins:

  • Xstep Ship: By collecting 10 user coins, you can unlock the Xstep ship.
  • Death Moon Ship: Gather 20 user coins to unlock the Death Moon ship.
  • Clubstep Ship: Unlock the Clubstep ship by acquiring 30 user coins.
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Complete Achievements

One way to unlock ships in Geometry Dash is by completing achievements. These achievements can be earned by completing certain requirements or objectives in the game. Once an achievement is unlocked, players are rewarded with a specific ship. Here are a few ships that can be unlocked through achievements.

  • Cycles Ship: To unlock the Cycles ship, you need to complete 5 user levels.
  • Cyclone Ship: Complete 50 user levels to unlock the Cyclone ship.
  • Vampire Ship: Achieve the milestone of completing 75 user levels to unlock the Vampire ship.

To view the available achievements and their requirements, go to the “Achievements” section on the main menu and select the “Reward” tab. From there, you can see which ships you have unlocked and which ones are yet to be obtained.

Open Daily Chests

Players can also unlock ships by opening daily chests and completing daily quests. These chests and quests can be accessed through the “Daily Chest” icon on the main menu. Each chest has a chance to contain diamonds, which can then be used to purchase ships in the shop.

Purchase Ships in the Shop

Another way to unlock ships is by purchasing them in the shop using diamonds. Diamonds can be earned by completing daily quests or leveling up. Some ships may only be available for a limited time, so make sure to check the shop regularly.

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  • Beat any five demon levels.
  • Simply beat Clutterfunk in normal mode.
  • Collect 600 stars.
  • Beat 15 demons.
  • Beat Electroman Adventures in normal mode.
  • Complete 15 map packs.
  • Collect precisely 75 secret coins.
  • Complete 100 user-made levels.
  • Collect 95 secret coins like you’re a plumber in a green hat.
  • Collect 130 user coins.
  • Find the chest in the treasure room.

Final verdicts

Final VerdictsIn conclusion, unlocking all of the ships available in Stumble Guys can be an exciting and rewarding challenge. The process may involve some trial and error, but once you’ve completed it successfully you’ll be able to enjoy the full range of ships that the game has to offer. Remember to complete as many options as possible in the ship upgrade list to increase your chances of unlocking them all. We hope this article helps you get all the incredible vessels so that you can show off and take on more difficult foes with confidence! So was this article helpful? We sure hope so!

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